Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

Mom, my chubby munchkin self, and my sister Molly
Summer '93 
Growing up, my mom's friend taught us to say, "Mommy dearest, best mommy in the whole wide world" every time we had to ask for something-- literally everything from being excused from the dinner table to asking to have a sleepover with a friend.

Mom & her mom (my Grandma) looking all dolled up
for a train ride to Florida (from CT!)
Spring/Summer circa '64/'65
Since I go to school in Milwaukee and my family lives in Connecticut, I have not been home for Mother's Day in a few years. I've usually sent my mother a card, because--let's face it-- I'm a poor college student, and called my grandmother, but this is the virtual gift guide for Mother's Day gifts. It's based off of my mom's pinterest board (ha!) and my general knowledge of gifts I know my mom (and her friends) would love!


1. We all joke about how my mom may love our dog, Snickers, more than she loves us... which isn't exactly true, but she does love him a lot. While I would probably consider this gift to be a joke, she would actually cherish it. She even has a watercolor of a dog on her pinterest board with the caption, "I think Snickers may need one of these!"

2. The usual Mother's Day gift for my mom is a trip to Home Depot where she picks out all of the flowers she wants to plant in her gardens, followed by her four children and her husband planting them while she relaxes on the patio. I'd say it's a pretty good deal on her end. 

3. The Design Bible via Deborah Needleman, former editor in chief and founder of Domino Magazine and now editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal. 

4. Monogrammed Jack Rogers. My mom loves JR and she loves monograms... it's a natural fit! 

5. Quality time with mom. Enough said.

6. Monogrammed beach hat. She loves her floppy brim beach hats, and this is just too cute!

7. Sunglasses. Every year my mom buys a few new pairs and every year she loses them. These are cute and on the accident-forgiveness side ($16 from Target!!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy Week!

This week was insane, what with the last classes and preparation for next weeks exams!

Tomorrow is my sister, Tara's, 14th birthday! We {my sibs and I} all tell her how her 21st birthday is going to be so much fun because it's on cinco de mayo and she's the youngest so it will be a special rite of passage for her. But I don't want to wish away time, so that day can wait!!

Happy Birthday TT! Stay your strong and very sassy self!

I'll be back soon with a more regular blogging schedule! I have so many cute things I need share with ya'll! 

Be sure next week to check out The Everygirl for Wedding Week!


Have a happy weekend!! xx