Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Art of Packing {or lack thereof...}

In my mind, I believe I am a phenomenal packer. Why? Purely due the fact that I have options, I rarely forget anything, and I'm pretty prepared for any inclement change.

Now, if you were to ask anyone aside from a handful of girlfriends and my sisters, {namely any guy who has ever been so unfortunate to have to lug my suitcases or happen to be with me at the airport} I can guarantee that they would unanimously agree that I am an awful packer.

So, when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to save it for the next time I traveled.

Now, I would only do this if I absolutely couldn't check a bag, because even though I have lost luggage before and that feels literally as though the world is ending, I much prefer traveling light while onboard and checking my bags.

However, flying home was ridiculously expensive, so I had not been expecting to go back to CT this summer.... until the opportunity to just go stand by some time next week presented itself. Yay impromptu trips home! Boo everything must fit in one carry on.

Not knowing how long I'd be home, and not being able to pack light (as well as a jam-packed sched these next few days) I decided to attempt packing today before heading up north for the weekend.

And so, I started off with this:

8 pairs of shorts
16 shirts
6 dresses
5 skirts
5 pants
5 pairs of shoes
2 sweaters
3 bathing suits

{and all that underwear/socks/etc jazz}

... and I ended up with this:

... A carry-on-sized rolling suitcase that closes without extending it OR sitting on it, both of which are routine when I pack. 

In the words of my favorite SNL Weekend Update: SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Eurotrip

I'm back!

Getting my act together for Friday's Fancies has been a difficult one, but I finally got back on track!

Obviously, it's sooo difficult to get me to imagine what in the world I would wear on a trip to Europe. I only wish I could be back there right now!

scarf/satchel/fedora sold out! 

Fedora: I'm a huge fan of hats! I bought a very similar one a few years back at American Eagle before going on Spring Break and it is still one of my favorite hats to wear! It covers up a bad hair day, keeps you cool, and is just very cute!

Shirt: Okay, I absolutely am obsessed with this T and want it in every single color. Including leopard print, which lucky me, is an option on Alloy's website. I die.

Skirt: Major fan of the hi-lo trend! In case you're new, last summer I studied abroad in Spain, and prior to studying I spent a week traveling with my {boyfriend at the time} through Rome and Barcelona. It was so bloody hot that most of the time was spent wearing sundresses and/or shorts, however, when visiting the Vatican you are required to have shoulders ands knees covered {despite the fact that you would be surprised to see how many people get away with not following that rule...}. Anyhow, we both wore pants which was completely necessary but utterly uncomfortable, especially considering the heat and all of the insane walking we did! This skirt gives a little relief from the heat... and oxygen! {BONUS: it comes in a pale blue as well. I want both!}

Scarf: I wrote something similar a few Friday's Fancies' back, so I know this isn't super original to this blog, but it's a tip and trick I use over and over again. {In, fact, I'll be employing it on Wednesday when I go visit family!} Years back, one of the many magazines I indulge in monthly/weekly/etc did their "final look" on travel tips. One such tip was to include a pashmina or scarf that was big enough to double as a blanket on a plane, since they become freezing! Obvs, when prancing around Europe in the summer, you don't need one that big or thick, but it's great for traveling, and frequently temps are much cooler in the morning and at night, so if you're doing quite a lot of traveling, having something light that can be rolled up and fit in your bag {if it gets too hot} or worn ever-so-chicly as part of your outfit doesn't hurt! Not to mention, I'm fairly positive that Europeans are immune to heat and they wear harem  pants and scarves like it's their job. So, if you're looking to look less "OH HEY OVER HERE I'M AMERICAN",  scarves are your friends!

Satchel: Let's be honest, it's just pretty! I would probably bring something bigger in reality that could hold my DSLR.

Watch: Again, so pretty. It's on my wish list for sure. I have a slightly less fab version that I wear all the time to keep me punctual!

Sandals: The slight wedge is cute enough without being painful or in danger of causing broken ankles (did that. not fun!)

What would you bring??

For the sake of nostalgia, this was where I was this time last year!

Granada, Spain

Ciudad de Futbol, Madrid, Spain

¡Feliz fin de la semana!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crafty Coffee Mugs

I'm sure my mother will be delighted to know that the Corelle mugs she bought for my apartment are no longer the boring plain old white. Nevertheless, I had seen many a picture online of quoted coffee mugs  that had been a DIY and decided to try it out for myself!

I scoured my Pinterest boards for quotes that would be apt for mugs, grabbed whatever Sharpies in our apartment still had decent ink in them (and some tape and scissors should I try to create some patterns) and got to work! 

Trying to come up with which quotes was tricky, since I had so many! Ultimately, I decided on the four above.

And, finally....

What quotes would you want see on your coffee mugs? 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Party Party!

Recently, I received a lovely little poem that wished me a happy 21st birthday and asked me to celebrate my 22nd birthday by being... Jenny's Bridesmaid!!!

always following in j's footsteps! more importantly, let's check out the puff paint handiwork
Anyhow, I'm very proud to be the Claflin family member representative, especially since Jenny has always been what I would assume is the equivalent of an older sister, and she was my first Claflin girl cousin (I was her... and her brother Mark's first cousin on our side of the family!).

Unfortch, I'm in Milwaukee for most of the year, and while I thought I would be able to celebrate the engagement and see the photo sesh in the Outerbanks this summer, it turns out I probably won't be there. However, seeing as I have plenty of time to celebrate, I have been able to begin a few of the projects I've been storing away for when the Claflin girls begin this part of our lives!!

One is a super secret surprise that only my grandmother is privy too, so that will be OTB (off the blog) until more/less next June.

However, my recent legality and lack of quality time at the FBC this summer has propelled me to preliminarily plan a family bachelorette party. For many, that may not sound like fun, however, we have a pretty cool set of aunts and cousins. Additionally, the majority of the Claflin girls will not be of age to participate in typical bachelorette debauchery, even though as cousins we are all very close.

So, I got to thinking, there will be a Bridal Shower, but that is always mayhem for everyone involved. A favorite tradition has been Claflin (Mancini) Cousin Sleepovers. We had one with just the girls over winter break at J + M's apartment, and had soo much fun. We all love hanging out at the beach.

And an idea was born. A "just us girls" {family} bachelorette party.

True to my nature, I had a million ideas in my head and got to work with cute menu ideas.

Remember when I said J is getting married on my birthday... next year? There is obviously time to amend plans, etc, but being that it's summer and this could be altered to suit any summer party, I figured I would share some of my ideas!

cake/lemonade for the younger gals/sweet summer centerpieces/fun swizzlers/personalized bar area
orzo salad/sangria/tortellini app/peach & mozz salad/pink lemonade!