Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MIB: Missing In Blogging

Oh hey! Remember me?

Hi, my name is Colleen and I fail at blogging.

I had all of these great ideas (excuses) piling up in my mind like waiting until finals were over. Well finals came and went, as did my dad and aunts to pick up my sisters (real life: my sister and her friend but it's easier this way...) from school and help move their stuff out to my friends' house for the summer. My dad heckled the fact that the beer we served him was warm and bad beer in general, we played cornhole and hung out with my friends on our porch with the parents, went to dinner, moved my sisters out of their freshman dorm, shed many tears, had lunch (breakfast? hangover cure?) on the Milwaukee river with my dad and sister, groceries, a final farewell beer at the campus bar and then had a few days in Milwaukee on my own.

Dad & his girls

The Marquette Sisters, the Aunties (can you tell they're sisters?! so alike!), & Andrew

The (now) Seniors! Where did time go??
{P.S... We're missing 3 girls who were working/not at home... but this is the
original crew that has been friends since we met on the same wing fresh year!}

Then, I thought to myself, then I could post a catch up blog! I'll have so much to write about (and I did-- still do, but it's being saved for my future memoir) and I'll be by myself, in my apartment (all of my girlfriends were home for Mother's Day), so I'll clean (I was so excited-- NERD ALERT) and write my blog post. Yeah, that went out the window when a friend called and said, "let's get margaritas and lunch!" Anytime tequila is involved with the human race, the rest of the day's plans go out the window. After practicing my Spanish, indulging in mango margaritas and some nachos, I took a nap and read a book. No blog.
Margarita Paradise
.. no really that's the name of the restaurant

So I decided I would write on the plane ride home. Until I was diagnosed with peritonsillar cellulitis and spent most of the flight trying to drown out the screaming toddler and utter pain I was in with the magic of Bruce Springsteen. It worked! My blog post, sadly, did not.
Touchdown in LaGuardia! Couldn't be happier!

Then I just gave up and decided I would get to it when I got to it because my two things at home consisted of few things: real food made by mom, seeing family & friends, and the beach.
A calm day at FBC
jacks & my puppy... helllooo summer

new roof at FBC!!! even better is the beautiful view!

fresh fresh fresh food!!

So that's where I've been... and now I'm beginning my next few posts.... but actually I am!!

xx C

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