Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Treat to Try: Personal Pizzas

This is a super-easy mainly summer go-to in my family as well as with our friends, and has been edited continuously depending on the pizza maker. The dough is pre-made, so really, there is no fuss involved!

My mom makes what we refer to as an “Elm City Special” (New Haven, for those who know what that is referencing…), which is a white sauce, sliced tomatoes, and some full and fresh basil leaves. Another favorite is, as my mom calls it, Salad Pizza a la Claflin. Salad Pizza hails from Jordan’s Pizza in our hometown, and consists of doughy bread cooked with tradish red sauce and then covered in a tossed fresh garden salad. It’s amazing. SP a la C is created with red sauce and cheese and then topped with a garden salad. Both SP’s include Italian dressing in the salad!

My personal favorite, and the one shown below, is a simply olive oil and cheese pie topped with arugula that has been tossed with lemon juice. Noms. Instructions below!

tell me your mouth doesn't water looking at this!

You will need:

Pizza Dough (Our local grocer sells frozen handmade personal pies that you defrost and cook (or grill!), but it tastes equally delish using good old supermarket pre-cooked dough. I know because we’ve made that too!

Olive Oil

Whatever cheese you like! (I’ve had Fontina, Parm, Mozz, and dollops of  Goat Cheese all on one pie… yummy!)

Salt & Pepper
Lemon Juice

To Do:
1.     Heat olive oil with rosemary and garlic to infuse. Brush on generally onto the pizza dough
2.     Laden the dough with whichever cheese you see fit. For this I used a mix of shredded parmesan and mozzarella, along with slices of fresh mozzarella to beef it up
3.     Add additional toppings, in this case: pepperoni
4.     Sprinkle with a little salt and generous pepper (depending on your tastes!)
5.     Cook pies… Mine literally cooked for five minutes at 450 degrees, but follow the dough instructions!
6.     While pie cooks, toss arugula with lemon juice
7.     Top pie with arugula and add extra S+P if deemed fit… I really love pepper
8.     ENJOY!

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