Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Art of Packing {or lack thereof...}

In my mind, I believe I am a phenomenal packer. Why? Purely due the fact that I have options, I rarely forget anything, and I'm pretty prepared for any inclement change.

Now, if you were to ask anyone aside from a handful of girlfriends and my sisters, {namely any guy who has ever been so unfortunate to have to lug my suitcases or happen to be with me at the airport} I can guarantee that they would unanimously agree that I am an awful packer.

So, when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to save it for the next time I traveled.

Now, I would only do this if I absolutely couldn't check a bag, because even though I have lost luggage before and that feels literally as though the world is ending, I much prefer traveling light while onboard and checking my bags.

However, flying home was ridiculously expensive, so I had not been expecting to go back to CT this summer.... until the opportunity to just go stand by some time next week presented itself. Yay impromptu trips home! Boo everything must fit in one carry on.

Not knowing how long I'd be home, and not being able to pack light (as well as a jam-packed sched these next few days) I decided to attempt packing today before heading up north for the weekend.

And so, I started off with this:

8 pairs of shorts
16 shirts
6 dresses
5 skirts
5 pants
5 pairs of shoes
2 sweaters
3 bathing suits

{and all that underwear/socks/etc jazz}

... and I ended up with this:

... A carry-on-sized rolling suitcase that closes without extending it OR sitting on it, both of which are routine when I pack. 

In the words of my favorite SNL Weekend Update: SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!

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