Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crafty Coffee Mugs

I'm sure my mother will be delighted to know that the Corelle mugs she bought for my apartment are no longer the boring plain old white. Nevertheless, I had seen many a picture online of quoted coffee mugs  that had been a DIY and decided to try it out for myself!

I scoured my Pinterest boards for quotes that would be apt for mugs, grabbed whatever Sharpies in our apartment still had decent ink in them (and some tape and scissors should I try to create some patterns) and got to work! 

Trying to come up with which quotes was tricky, since I had so many! Ultimately, I decided on the four above.

And, finally....

What quotes would you want see on your coffee mugs? 


  1. Did these really work? I've seen posts that say they do, and posts that say they don't... The mugs you designed look amazing!!

    1. Yes they do work! I was a little skeptical, and actually thought that 350 degrees (the original instructions) was a little too hot, so I did 300 and they have survived multiple uses and washes in the dishwasher!

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to try these!!