Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Days Late... Friday's Fancies: Flower Power!

While it is Monday, and Friday's Fancies are meant for Friday, I had prepared this FF a few weeks back. I was absolutely obsessed with the floral peplum top and pair of pants from J. Crew! In fact, I still am... anyways, I was inspired to see how ballsy I would be with bright floral patterns-- and I was looking for a way to pair the gingham pumps-- so I created three separate looks. Obvs, the floral-on-floral was a little too much for me (and reminded me of some early nineties get-ups...) so I paired it only with a neutral wedge. I loved the mix of patterns with the gingham and the peplum top, so I chilled it out with white jeans. Finally, I loved the look of the pink with the floral and the lace shell added a bit of texture. 
{floral top}{floral pants}{jeans}{pink top}
{wedges}{gingham pumps}{pink wedges}
{hoops}{hot pink bag}{small hoops}{satchel}

And... because I love florals and patterns in general.... and to make up for my absence... a few more floral favorites:


Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

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