Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Remember Me?!

It's embarrassing how off kilter I have been these past few weeks! Finals time is right around the corner {I can't talk about it} so I obviously have plenty of work that I should be doing/ have been doing/etc and because I'm always one to get in way over my head, I somehow found myself usurping {against my wishes} the job of running an extracurricular collegiate activity that might involve a sunny day, some beer, and a bunch of lovely junior and senior ladies but I digress... This week was insane! Insanely fast, jam-packed, and all that jazz. Here's a bit of a weekend wrap -up:

I made a schedule for myself that I have not followed since Thursday. Procrastination at its finest!

My best friend tapped into my {NERD ALERT} love of paper editing and I was therefore honored with nine pages on the U.S.-China trade relations. I am now an expert on trade relations and actually understood most of it {if only that understanding could have come to bat in Econ... but there's a reason I'm not an econ major ;) ha!}
one of two pictures we have together. seriously it's pathetic

I was hit with a spring cleaning bug {can I get an amen, because my room really needed this cleaning...}. You have to understand that I never fully make my bed like this because let's be honest, I value sleep over time to make my bed in the morning.
a made bed! {and a beauty-full milwaukee day in the background!}

a clean closet! you can clearly tell that my shoes
are the most important as they are most definitely the
most organized area of this closet

everything in its place! {Go sox!}

I spontaneously decided--at the request of some lovely girlfrans-- to go out to dinner and we went to a hole-in-the-wall burger joint that is the brainchild of the former chef at Sobelman's {a Marquette/Milwaukee tradition that is beyond unbelievably, amazingly delicious} and therefore obviously had high expectations-- which it lived up to:


There were a few {or so...} drinks with some good friends, a surprise party, and a ladies night out to the local country bar where we rocked out to Blake Shelton's rendition of Footloose {complete with the moves we have all memorized from the dance...} We relived this story which, no matter how many times it is told, causes all of us to fall into fits of laughter complete with tears and very real threats of wetting our pants. Pictures that were taken were not the loveliest, due to excessive dancing, and therefore are being withheld from this blog. 

But the most important, awe-inspiring, best, most phenomenal part of this weekend was the root of my waking up abominably early at 6:30 in the morning, only to wait for three and a half hours, highly caffeinated, shaking with excitement, counting down the seconds on my clock, praying the rosary, all in order to wait forty-five minutes in three virtual waiting rooms for tickets to....


My life is complete!

.... Except that there is so much more to do! Papers! Tests! Brewers game! Skype sesh with friend studying abroad!

Here's hoping I get another post in this week.

We shall see! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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