Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few Fave Things

You know how they say girlfriends share their best secrets? My friends and I have followed that motto for a while... before we knew it, we were all using Bare Minerals after one girlfriend tried it and couldn't stop gushing about it {sidebar: if you haven't already tried it-do! it's affordable, good quality, and you get rewarded for using it!}, Neutrogena grapefruit face wash is also a consumate favorite, a girlfriend and I {the east coasters of the group} introduced others to Sperry Topsiders and Vera Bradley bags, and let's be honest- one cannot go wrong with either of those! Anyways, since a girl always shares her best secrets with her galpals, here are a few of my current fave things:

Music to My Ears: I came across The Lumineers by chance, and I can't stop listening to them. My two fave songs? Ho, Hey and Classy Girls... Take a listen {here}


Sparkling Cupcakes: Check out {these} fabulous cupcake toppers and other delicious products that just leave one itching to throw a party {here} at we love citrus.

Taco Loco: While perusing mint {the next blog on my buzz list}, I came across {these} Chipotle Sweet Potato Tacos via thefauxmartha {buzz as well}, who encountered the recipe {here} on Naturally Ella. Tell me they don't look and sound delish!

Blog Lovin'

mint: A blog on design, art, fashion, and weddings by Ellie Snow. Check it {here}

thefauxmartha: a kitschy foodie's delight. everything looks yummy {here}

Why, hello there lunch and dinner for next week!: I love, love, LOVE The Everygirl, and they have so many perfect posts on everything from fashion to food and beyond. Check out Alaina and Danielle's "10 Entree Salads For Less Than $50" ... Five recipes, ten servings, less than $50-- sign me up! 

Check out all of the recipes {here}! I'm currently writing down my grocery list whilst simultaneously posting this...

Any recent favorites that have caught your eye?? Let me know!

xx C

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