Monday, April 2, 2012


I've been meaning to attempt ombre nails for about... 

a year. 

I sat down to attempt the trend after reading Lauren Conrad's post on The Beauty Department. Growing up with three sisters and mother who fully fed our girly nature, beauty products were aplenty and nail polish was no exceptions. Of course, then I went to college and with a gang of 9 close girls, one of whom has a serious OPI obsession, as well as the fact that I lived in a triple, gave me an ample supply of colors to test out. 

I failed. 

This past Friday I was bored out of my mind, so I turned on the TV and grabbed my nail polish. As I was looking at all of my options, I decided I would once again attempt the ombre nails. {At this point I should also note that I cannot paint my right hand-- I'm right handed-- to save my life} The entire process took about an hour and half with all of the retouches I had to do, but I ended up with this. 

{photo credit Splash of Color}
I then held my dinner fork like a toddler {due to the wet nails} and almost immediately chipped a nail when trying to put on jeans to go out. 

They looked so pretty while they lasted, though! Maybe I'll recreate them for Easter this weekend... 

And the polishes I used:
{photo credit Splash of Color}

{obligatory OPI base and top coats}
{On the ring finger I used a Wet n' Wild clear, sparkly polish that doesn't have a name...}

Polyester Pink Creme {N.Y.C.}
Knockout Pout {Essie}
Punchy Pink {Essie}
Strawberry Margarita* {O.P.I.}
Fiesta {Essie}

*Strawberry Margarita is THE perfect shade of pink... and my personal favorite! 

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