Thursday, September 13, 2012

Treat to Try: Strawberry-Watermelon Juice

My mom's friend, Elizabeth, made this PHENOMENAL juice a few weeks ago during my last few days at home. It was a hot and sticky day, and Tessa (her daughter) and I were about to head out for dinner, but had a drink first with her momma! (And my creative mentor!)

Fast forward to now, and I had been jammed all day with work and school. When I saw watermelon at the grocery store, I just had to make myself a batch!

You Will Need:


Play up whichever taste you enjoy the most! I love a lot of tang and a decent amount of sweet, so I blend in some chopped up lime.... and garnish with lime as well. Too much? 

1. Chop up all your delicious fruit and try not to eat too much while you're at it.

2. Throw all of the fruit in the blender, with some lime, and puree until your desired consistency!

3. Enjoy!
inhaled this 60 seconds after snapping this pic!

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