Sunday, February 26, 2012

Color Crush: Back to Basics

My friends make fun of me all the time, especially when getting ready to go out, when I exclaim I have nothing to wear because everything I own is black, white, or J. Crew (I don't want to ruin my Crew Clothes going out...). They get an even bigger kick out of how, when shopping, I tell them not to let me purchase something that is black, navy, or neutral, and end up gravitating towards the neutrals anyways! What can I say? I'm practical and classic. I love love love color, but when I'm purchasing things, especially nicer pieces, I like to think of the many ways I can use or wear them. 

Let me acknowledge that these are my Midwest friends. They consider it to be some East Coast thing. Which it probably is. Left to our own devices over fall break since we were too far from home, my friend Hannah (the only other non-midwesterner, a loud and proud New Yorker) and I had girls weekend. Naturally, girls weekend involves shopping. We left pretty much empty handed because we kept catching each other trying to buy neutrals. 
{sweater} {heels} {cuff} {watch} {bracelet} {cape} {belt} {skirt} {trench} {tote} {flat}
{wedged boot} {suede flat} {heeled boot}

Happy Sunday!

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