Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Break, Meet Your New Project...

A few months bag, I came across this bag while perusing the Anthropologie website. The colors immediately caught my eye, and as I have penchant for trims and decorative finishes, I could not stop thinking about this tote. That being said, I could also not stop thinking about the $518 price tag that came along with it.
The way I see it, a sturdy canvas tote and an array of tassels are all that I need (excluding the requisite notions involved i.e. thread, etc) to make my tassel bag. While it could be seen as a bit of work, I have a week's worth of time on my hands coming up, and a gift certificate to Mood that I've been trying to find a project for. Not to mention, in making you're own you can pick whichever color tassels you would like! 

Since I'm a firm believer in never having enough bags, as well as the fact that I've been looking for a reason to make another trip to the Garment District, I'm looking forward to this project! 

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