Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interior Desire

My mom and baby sister came out to visit me and my younger sister in Milwaukee this weekend. As always, one of our favorite things to do is shop. My mom loves to window shop for ideas for (constantly) redecorating our home, and now has expanded her sites to the imminent prospects of decorating my own shabby apartment when I graduate in a year. (Yikes!)

One site we visited on our tour of Milwaukee was the vintage store Hannah and I discovered a couple months back when we went over to the East Side to have our hair done. Dragonfly on Brady Street has everything from Men's and Women's vintage clothing, to records, kitschy items, cocktail glasses, etc. The also have furniture that is perfectly priced and hidden under all the items that are carried in the store. I so desperately wish I had taken a picture of the two (modern take on the traditional club) chairs that caught my mom's eye. The legs were a gorgeous walnut brown, and while the chair was covered in moss green velvet that neither of truly appreciated, we both could see past that with ease when the price was a cool $65 per chair! Unheard of! We walked away sans chairs, however, as my tiny apartment comes furnished and we would have no place to store the chairs. We now live in hope that they will still be there next May (as if) when I graduate and my dad and brother can lug them back to Connecticut for us. Of course, the next store we hit, Embelezar, in Milwaukee's Third Ward, had the same exact style of chairs (in leather) for $1100. Gulp.

Ever since the siting, I've been hit once again with interior design fever. I call it interior desire. My mom and I have the occasional bouts where we just dream about decorating and redecorating. I actually fear for my future well being when I have a paycheck and apartment that I can decorate. Yikes.

Here are some of my current favorite design accessories and inspirations (obviously via Pinterest, my other addiction).

From Left to Right~

I don't think there is one thing that I dislike about this. 
The contrast of the white settee against the pink walls is simply to die for, 
and the frames? I love wall art, especially big groups of framed photos and works of art!

They say a creative mind is rarely neat.
While I pride myself on being organized, this
organized chaos is exactly what I find inspiring:
being surrounded by favorite things, colors, patterns, etc
as a source of inspiration. Also, the modern white chairs paired
with the classic dark wood table? Perfection!

One word: Frames. I love the frames! Also, this
could work perfectly in a small space. Love it!

The bright colors and modern design is addictive in
this set up. I have a thing for Parsons designs, so these
Parsons table/ottomans are right up my alley!
Zebra Print. Modern Table + Classic Chairs. Pink settee
Picture frames arrangement? Love. Love. LOVE!!

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