Wednesday, March 7, 2012

48 Hours

48 hours, my friends, is all that stands between me and the picture below. 

Well, that and four classes, two papers (which I'm currently procrastinating), and two readings. 

And, if I'm lucky, Karaoke Night. (but I'm doubtful that will happen tomorrow due to the fact that I'm procrastinating my papers by blogging and watching SVU...) 

My friends and I joke sometimes that I carry the print industry on my sales alone since I am addicted to magazines. I used to make them for fun all the time as a kid, an activity I think stemmed from going to work with my dad. Anyways, I cut down on the habit since it's extremely expensive (ELLE Decor is $5.99!), but magazine binges are my favorite part of flying. I picked only a few (ha!) for the flight home since I'll need some for the flight back... but I'm so excited. 

I bought these as a motivation today to do my papers. They look so pretty sitting on my suitcase. 

Time for Bruce Springsteen and paper writing. 

{It's times like these I ask myself why I'm an English major}

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