Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine Chic

With the bipolar shift in the weather patterns (NOT that I am complaining), Milwaukee is now experiencing bright and sunny skies, complete with high-seventies weather. The quads are filled with kids laying out in the sunshine, the desire to skip classes in favor of running down to the beach and looking out on Lake Michigan for the afternoon is ever-increasing, AND it's-best of all- time for a change in the wardrobe. As I unpacked all of my spring attire, I delighted in the plethora of options I had for outfits to wear to class. Bye bye yoga pants and parka coat! {I even left my decrepid Uggs at home when I visited Connecticut last week...} Despite the fact that I knew walking uphill in the beating sun for the five blocks from campus to where my apartment is located was not ideal conditions for wearing Jack Rodgers, I wore them anyways and endured the blisters I received on my feet because I was sooo happy to wear sandals again. I also now know that I seriously need a pedicure. Yay spring!

Here are some of my essentials~


Enjoy the sunshine!!


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  1. love the skirt! It looks very versatile - always a plus! And yayyy for Spring!! :) xoxo, morgan