Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring break stylings

I applaud those who are ballsy enough to take outfit of the day photos. However, there is a reason that I love photography~ I'm more of a "behind the lens" girl. That being said, I do love the sharing of outfit ideas, so I've shared my spring break as of yet through what else? outfits!

Lucky me, this week has been so warm that I've hardly needed a coat. When I wore my trench on Tuesday into the city, I ended up having to take it off it was so warm!



My grandmother and my aunt are both artists (we're a creative & chaotic family...) and they had their art on display in a show a few towns over. My dad and I went out to see the show and then hit up downtown New Haven to begin "Operation: Apple Immersion" 
{Dad has all-Apple products, minus his work laptop, yet he has difficulty working and syncing the iPad, iPhone, iMac, etc... we're working on it, though!}


Sunday the day started off with a bang when I rolled my ankle running out of the house to pick up birthday gifts for one of my cousins. My older cousins laughed at me later on when they found out I did that while wearing sneakers. I'm definitely the klutz of the family! Every March my high school puts on a super-fab fashion show featuring local vendors. While we didn't attend this year, my mom and I did go early to set up since she was involved in the planning. Instead of the fashion show, we saw my dad's side of the family at a 50th birthday party for my aunt and uncle, where I got to hold my adorable baby cousin and gab with my newly-engaged cousin Jenn {as well as the rest of the girl cousins} about wedding plans and wanting to all go to Kleinfeld's to try on dresses!


Monday was a relatively low-key day. A favorite thing to do on break is to get lunch with my mom. Since she usually works until just about lunchtime, she'll swing back by the house and pick us up to go downtown to the deli to get a bite to eat. It was such a gorgeous day that we ate outside. I'm loving this warm weather!

My dad's company has a box at MSG, so whenever there is the opportunity, I love to pop into the city to attend an event- concert, Knicks game, Rangers game, etc. Born-and-raised major Boston fans in a New York market is difficult, and though the indoctrination of Celtics/Bruins/Patriots/REDSOX fandom begins at a young age in our family, the NBA and NHL have been major points of contention over the years. {As was the the era we refer to as the "lost period" where I was Yankees fan due to my love of Derek Jeter... anyways...}Example A: My dad was fully a member of the "Lin-sanity" and due in part to that as well as the fact that Steve Novak is a Marquette Alum (MU Rah Rah), had apparently been rooting for the Knicks for a while (when not playing the Celtics). Brian Leetch's sister was one of my teachers in elementary school, so I have always loved the Rangers. (My dad, however, begs to differ.. partially due in part to the fact that Leetch grew up playing for the rival high school hockey team of my father's)  Last night was a Rangers game, and we had a blast! Plus, the food is always delicious... and I'll take any excuse to get into the city! 

Hope you all are enjoying your week as well! 

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  1. Wonderful outfits!! Your 1,2,and 4 are totally ones I would wear in a heart beat. I love cropped pants with flats. My favorite look, especially for spring!I hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!! Be sure to stop by my blog and take a peak at the redesign.
    Twirling Clare