Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Seven Dollar Steal

 2011 was the year I accidentally stumbled upon a few trends purely out of the attraction to things that interest me.

Example A: During “Rebajas” (Sales) Month in Spain (you have to love when your study abroad session just happens to line up perfectly with the month in which the entire country of Spain puts everything in their stores on sale!!!), I was out shopping one afternoon with friends. Zara never disappoints, and it certainly didn’t disappoint that day. Strewn in the corner was a pile of leopard print stiletto booties. Of course, I was stuck with my two guy friends who strongly urged me against the purchase, especially due to the fact that I couldn’t try on the left shoe due to the fact that I had sprained my ankle. This was one of those moments where my impulsive nature came in handy because at 25 euros (down from 90 euros) HOW COULD I SAY NO!?!?! I skyped my parents later in the week and while my mom thought they were adorable; my dad thought they were ridiculous. Two weeks later when I returned home to the states, the J. Crew magazine was sitting on the coffee table and what else was featured? Leopard Print Shoes. My dad recanted.

Example B: (And the point of this post) Pseudo-Girls’ Weekend 2011

Every October we have a four-day break the weekend before Halloween to relax after midterms. With airline prices high and two daughters in college, my parents asked if I minded staying in Milwaukee since I had an apartment. I didn’t mind, especially since my friend Hannah was staying in Milwaukee as well, due to the fact that she’s from New York and had a similar predicament. Not to mention, being unable to come home garnered many sympathy points from our parents, which allowed us to treat ourselves to a fancy seafood dinner one of the nights we were in Miltown. We transformed October Break into a total Girls’ Weekend—haircuts and blowouts, dinners, playing wing woman to the other girl as we hit the bars, lots of Food Network and TLC Wedding Shows, wine, and most importantly… shopping.

Han and I popped into Charlotte Russe because Hannah wanted to check out some piece she had seen in the window. I’m not usually a fan of Charlotte Russe (they’re not exactly the epitome of quality), but Hannah wanted to check out the major sale on jewelry and obviously I obliged. Having not purchased much that day (due to our goal of a non-neutral wardrobe), I decided to impulsively buy a few pieces including feather earrings, a couple of necklaces that I have yet to wear, and a gold link necklace. The gold link necklace cost seven dollars, and I grabbed the last one. 


Now, this isn't the necklace, since I could not find a picture of the original, but this is more or less exactly the same thing... minus the Michael Kors name and $140 (sale) price tag. 

I wore the necklace to Thanksgiving dinner, and this caused a major frenzy in the Claflin extended family. My cousin Jennifer loved it so much that my aunt, my mom, and Jenny's fiance spent the entire Christmas Season trying to find her the necklace. My aunt actually found one for my grandmother, who also really wanted one, but Jenny never found her link necklace. Of course, ever since I encountered my miracle find, I've been completely head over heels for link jewelry, a fact that can be seen on my Pinterest boards quite clearly. Here are some of my favorites below~



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