Saturday, March 17, 2012

Classic Combo: Black & Camel

As many people know, my true blue east coaster comes through when it pertains to my wardrobe. While I love color, prints, and big chunky fabulous jewelry, I always tend to purchase neutrals and classic pieces since I know that they will always serve me well! {disclaimer: this excludes leopard print. I will always make an exception for leopard print.} It's almost like it's second nature to me. My sister and I were given a 45 minute notice that we needed to be on a train headed to the city to meet up with my dad for the Marquette game followed by an evening event in the city. Why, after having three daughters and a wife- all of whom he constantly laments take way too much time getting ready- my dad thought 45 minutes would be sufficient warning I am unsure... yet we rallied and were on the train 45 minutes later, hors d'oeuvres for the evening event in tow, en route to the city. Molly, lamenting how she brought "like no clothing" home for break borrowed a bright purple J. Crew shirt {which I wore here} and giant chunky statement necklace {see?! I own these pieces, I just don't wear them...} while I ended up in my go-to combo: black skinny jeans, a tan shirt {embellished with purple satin flowers- go color!}, a black cardigan, and camel cashmere and wool trench, all topped off with black-and-camel colorblocked {or should we call it neutral-blocked? I'm unsure if it counts as colorblocking...} pumps and my favorite new black satchel. Seriously?!


What are your staple pieces and wardrobe must-haves?!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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