Friday, March 9, 2012

Anatomy of Flying

As I said on Tuesday, when it comes to travel, I am a realist. Conveniently, winter coincides with my high traffic of travel time, which is always fun when you need to take off multiple layers due to TSA policies. When I went to Spain and automatically starting my routine "jewelry off, shoes off, bags, liquids, etc. process" some random Spanish ladies started asking me a million questions as to WHAT I was doing... because the rest of the world is not that strict in security, but since I'm so conditioned to flying back and forth, I went into airport autopilot!

That being said, I've now pared down flying to a science. Patience isn't my best virtue, and for that I've got the outfit down to a science to get through the airport security lines as swiftly as possible.

Here's my "Dress for Success: Flying Edition"


Usually I include a thin cotton J.Crew wrap sweater in my bag, but I never wear it until I'm through security due to the fact that I'll only have to take it off anyways. Since there's nothing I love more than leggings--and because I don't like sitting for a long period of time in jeans-- these Hue equestrian leggings are perfect, and simply the most comfortable leggings ever. My go-to outfit always includes leggings or jeans and a J.Crew t (since they're simply the best). I pair almost all leggings or jeans with my Frye boots that I received for Christmas seven years ago. I couldn't find a picture of the boots (obviously) now for sale, but the ones above are fairly close. I barely wear jewelry when I'm flying, but the one thing I always keep on is my Saint Christopher's necklace that my parents gave me for "safe travel" (st. chris is the patron saint of that) and it's in an aqua-blue enamel. Aside from an obligatory watch and suitcase, my favorite accessory is my blue pashmina. I can roll it up and wear it as a scarf, or completely unfold it and use it as a blanket on the plane. 

Happy Travels!

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