Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jewels on Display!

This may come as a shocker, but I have yet another (two) project(s) on my hands. I swear, the mounting pile of projects I have internally compiled is probably the reason why I have trouble falling asleep at night. All I ever think about is how to switch things up or change the design of something, etc, etc. I would even be more ambitious with my room layout if I had the time and the manpower (literally, a man to move the stuff around while I surveyed to make sure things looked right...) to do so.

Okay, back to the topic:

This is the appalling current state of affairs of my jewelry storage.
{photo courtesy of Splash of Color}

Notice the hair ties mixed in, open pouches, earrings not together, etc. It's embarrassing, really. Every once in a while, it's super organized, and then I go on a binge when I'm trying to figure out what to wear and matching pieces with my outfits... and long story short, it ends up looking like this.

There are a few factors that contribute to me not being overly motivated to ameliorate this situation.

1. As you can see from the computer cord and dictionary in the background, I keep my jewelry on my desk. This is because I do not have space to keep it anywhere else where I can see it. (Another problem I need to fix: getting a cute/cheap/tiny enough to fit in my room table or dresser to store extra accoutrements such as my nail polish and make up.... ANYWAYS)

2. Though I do live up to one of my nicknames, "Queenie"(I can't believe I admitted that to the blogosphere) in my love for all things glamorous, pretty, fashionable, and indulgent, I am a realist. I often don't dress up for class because I know I will change into sweats when I get back to my room. I buy neutral-colored clothing because I know the pieces will match with more items in my wardrobe (and for that I have a monochromatic-majority closet...). But, my worst offense? I don't unpack. It makes my mom crazy when I come home for Thanksgiving or Easter especially (my prime offender times since they're shorter stays) and, when we lived in the dorms, my friends used to think I was crazy for not really touching my suitcase in the two weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the flying back and forth from Milwaukee to New York.

That, my friends, is all about to change.

I've decided, however, that my dorm-style plastic bin drawers are so last year (literally, since that is when I lived in the dorms), but since they're in great condition, I'll give them to my sister to put in hers. In place of the storage, I'm going to go for the grown-up look of a dresser. Unfortch, the closest IKEA is in Schaumburg, Illinois, and while I know how to and can get there, it's a tad bit of a hike, so I'll be scouring Target and/or the local Salvation Army for a cute dresser to go next to my desk.

So what does this mean for my jewelry? Well, this epiphany all came from Alaina's (of Live Creating Yourself) Home Tour, during which I saw these pictures:

The tea cups actually remind me of ones that my mom collects, though I know she's not going to let me or my sisters have those until we are older. Not to mention, I wouldn't exactly know how to smuggle those back to Milwaukee. I am, however, now currently on the lookout for teacups in which to display my jewelry and let the jewelry case take a breather until flying time. When I say on the lookout, I mean since I saw this post, an immediate flag went off in my head like, "hello this would be a much more attractive storage option" and I have since checked out Anthropologie (since there's one in the Third Ward) but I wasn't head over heels in love so I'm keeping on keeping on and searching for more..

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