Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Girl Wardrobe!

Remember when I was bummed I wasn't going on Spring Break? Well I still am- I mean, if you were missing out on a week of debauchery and beach time with your friends, you probably would too- but this was waiting for me on my bed when I came home:


It was so beautiful and professional-looking that, at first, I thought that my mom had purchased it and hid it in my room from my dad! When I asked her about it, she nonchalantly said, "oh, no, that's for you!" The satchel, from Banana Republic, reminded her of the "classic Prada silhouette" and was for beginning my "working wardrobe"! I love it, and I think the lines are just so classically perfect. MB reminded me that this wasn't a "bar bag" .... not like she needed to, I already knew that!

1 comment:

  1. Your mom is awesome! And with a pick like that, it sounds like she's a fashionista. x