Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party Time!

I love a good party! I also love pinterest. Pinterest gives me lots of party ideas and makes me want to throw a party... instead of write a research paper for my Spanish class. I'm already counting down to Easter break {one week girlfran, one week}... anyhow, here are my top three party wants at this current moment in time. How fab are ALL of the below photos?!

{pictures source}
1. Corona-ritas. Coming soon to a girls' night out near me and my friends.... They just SCREAM summertime. We had a teaser of summertime last Thursday, which we spent having cocktails on our friends' perfect porch {complete with a couch that I have actually slept on before... true story ladies and gents}... but we are now back to winter.

2. Is this not the cutest birthday idea ever?! Each balloon has a photo and memory or story attached to it. I just love this! 

3. Peeps S'mores. Enough said. 

Is it Friday yet?!

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  1. That corona-rita looks pretty delish and reaaally makes me want it to be summer!! xoxo, morgan